Refugee Rights Campaign

Our Refugee Rights campaign this year is focusing on refugees in Edinburgh and the UK. In our local community, we are fundraising for and supporting charities working in Edinburgh with refugees and asylum seekers, such as The Welcoming and Saheliya. We will also be holding an event next semester with talks, a short film and … Continue reading Refugee Rights Campaign


Mental health is a human right

This week is Mental Health and Wellbeing week at the University of Edinburgh. You can find out more about the week here, and at our meeting this week we will be discussing our ‘Mental health is a human right’ campaign. This campaign is directed toward the University itself, and aims to directly benefit the students … Continue reading Mental health is a human right

Campaign to end Mass Deportation and Detention

This year we are campaigning to stop charter flight deportations and to raise awareness around the secretive policies surrounding them. This campaign is also raising awareness and organising against the use of detention centres. Charter flight deportations can be hard to know a lot about, and many are unaware they are even taking place. This is … Continue reading Campaign to end Mass Deportation and Detention