End of Semester Wrap-up

We've made it to the end of Semester One! Thanks to everybody who's been involved this semester. Whether you've come to meetings, campaigns, ceilidh's, or conferences, it's been lovely seeing new faces and working together to defend Human Rights. Before we head off home for the holidays, here are a few of the highlights from … Continue reading End of Semester Wrap-up


Student Conference: Sunday

Edinburgh amnesteam are home! It was a long journey, believe us, but definitely worthwhile. The second day of student conference was just as exciting as the first. We kicked things off with a plenary from Amnesty UK's refugee and migrant rights programme director, Steve Symonds. We saw that, while the focus in recent years has … Continue reading Student Conference: Sunday

Student Conference: Saturday

This weekend, fifteen of our Edinburgh amnesteam found ourselves in London for the 2015 Amnesty Student Conference. We attended a panel discussing the campaign to decriminalise abortionĀ in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It's safe to way that we all learned a lot about the impact of the eighth amendment on the lives of women. The amendment … Continue reading Student Conference: Saturday