More members to Amnes-Team 18/19!

Our EGM on the 16th October elected more members to our committee this academic year. Campaign Coordinator: Holly Bird Welfare Officer: Adrian Scott Fresher’s Rep: Justin White Ordinary Members: Scott Beaton, Svenja Niederfranke, David Zuther Congratulations to our new committee members!


Amnes-team 2018-19 welcomes you!

It’s week 2! Congratulations on getting things done in week 1— now that we have you full attention, please welcome our committee elected in March for 2018-19! Presidents: Cara Brodie and Rachel Mellon Secretary: Lucy Branchflower Treasurer: Juliet Richards Fundraising Coordinators: Peta Stamper, Rachel Flynn, and Phoebe McGowan Social Secretaries: Laura Newton and Jordan McGuire … Continue reading Amnes-team 2018-19 welcomes you!

Scottish Student Conference!

Semester 2 has been a weird one. I am perfectly happy to blame industrial action and snow for my lack of upkeep on the blog. Luckily the snow didn't stop us from hosting the Scottish Student Conference this year in partnership with Aberdeen Uni! We wanted to share some of the events and resources here … Continue reading Scottish Student Conference!

End of Semester Wrap-up

We've made it to the end of Semester One! Thanks to everybody who's been involved this semester. Whether you've come to meetings, campaigns, ceilidh's, or conferences, it's been lovely seeing new faces and working together to defend Human Rights. Before we head off home for the holidays, here are a few of the highlights from … Continue reading End of Semester Wrap-up

Refugee Rights Campaign

Our Refugee Rights campaign this year is focusing on refugees in Edinburgh and the UK. In our local community, we are fundraising for and supporting charities working in Edinburgh with refugees and asylum seekers, such as The Welcoming and Saheliya. We will also be holding an event next semester with talks, a short film and … Continue reading Refugee Rights Campaign

Scottish Activist Conference 2017

Hi all! First of all, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Please take time to honour those who have experienced violence, and lost their lives to Transphobia. We stand in solidarity with trans people. Secondly, we do have an event coming up tomorrow evening to raise money … Continue reading Scottish Activist Conference 2017

Mental health is a human right

This week is Mental Health and Wellbeing week at the University of Edinburgh. You can find out more about the week here, and at our meeting this week we will be discussing our ‘Mental health is a human right’ campaign. This campaign is directed toward the University itself, and aims to directly benefit the students … Continue reading Mental health is a human right

Campaign to end Mass Deportation and Detention

This year we are campaigning to stop charter flight deportations and to raise awareness around the secretive policies surrounding them. This campaign is also raising awareness and organising against the use of detention centres. Charter flight deportations can be hard to know a lot about, and many are unaware they are even taking place. This is … Continue reading Campaign to end Mass Deportation and Detention